What Residential Electricity Rate Plan Is Best for You?

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Deciding which electricity rate plan to use can be a confusing experience. Residential rate plans are designed around the square footage of your home, size of your family, schedule, and budget. Are you currently

on the best plan? Let’s take a look at some typical electricity rate plans to see which option may fit your household’s lifestyle.

Fixed Rate Plan

Electricity on this type of rate plan stays the same no matter what time of day or night, for any day of the week. There are no on- or off-peak hours on this plan. Energy usage is calculated on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis. This plan works best:

  • If you don’t use a lot of energy.
  • Your home is small to average in size.
  • Limited usage of high energy appliances like an oven or dishwasher on a daily basis.

To save money on this plan, you’ll need to limit energy usage all year long.

Time of Use Rate Plan

Energy used on this plan is based on the time of day. For instance, you’ll pay more for electricity during high-demand, on-peak hours such as 5am to 8am and 3pm to 8pm weekdays.  This may be a good plan for your family if:

  • You’re able to use less energy during the higher cost weekday hours.
  • The size of your home is average to large.
  • You have flexibility when using major appliances like an air conditioner and stove.
  • You have a pool.

To maximize savings on this plan, you’ll need to take advantage of a programmable thermostat to save energy during on-peak hours and utilize a home energy assessment to determine which devices contribute most to your energy usage.

Predictable Bill Plan

The predictable bill plan lets you pay the same amount, every month, all year long. This plan is good when:

  • You want to control the amount you pay and avoid seasonal monthly bill spikes.
  • You want peace of mind all summer long when electricity usage dramatically increases.

This plan is good when you want to have more control over the amount of electricity you pay for. As long as your monthly energy usage doesn’t exceed a certain level of kWh used per month. You’ll pay a higher price per kWh when this threshold is exceeded.

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