What’s Going on with Your AC Fins?

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AC units on the top of a building

Because of Arizona’s excessive heat and sometimes high humidity in the summer months through mid-fall, efficient cooling units are especially important. So, what can happen when two types of vital air conditioning fins located on the outdoor AC unit aren’t working properly to keep your home cool? Let’s explore what AC fins do and what can go wrong with these vital components.

What are fins?

The outdoor AC unit actually has two types of fins doing almost the same type of work to help air flow smoothly in and out of an air conditioner. Evaporator coils remove heat from the air passing through using refrigerant running through copper tubing. This thermal energy exchange is assisted by the evaporator metal fins where the air is cooled down and moved along from the outside AC unit to indoor rooms via ducts and vents.

The second type of fins, called compressor fins, can be found near the AC compressor on the outdoor unit which looks like a metal grill. The AC compressor fins help to move heat away from the air conditioner, so the heat clears out quickly. Clean fins keep the air flowing and result in efficient cooling.

Fins Issues

When the fins don’t work properly, your air conditioner will eventually malfunction. The two primary types of issues with fins are:
Bent Fins
Fins can be prone to bending over time. When the fins become bent, air flow is immediately restricted to the AC unit. The resulting reduction in efficiency levels means your AC has to work harder to create cooler air. This can eventually cause the air conditioner to wear out faster due to overuse.

Dirt & Dust

Dirt and dust particles floating in the air are circulated along the exterior portions of the evaporator and compressor and eventually can cause an excessive buildup of these particulates. This buildup can eventually cause airflow to drop due to clogged fins. Higher electricity bills can be one of the first signs of this issue. Monsoon thunderstorms preceded by a haboob (dust storm) can exacerbate this issue.

Cool Blew

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