What’s Really the Best Summer Setting for Your Thermostat?

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This summer has been a whopper when it comes to heat. If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve probably had a few “heated” conversations (no pun intended) about the best setting for your home’s thermostat.

Budget-focused friends may recommend a setting over 80 degrees while comfort-seeking family members might prefer a temperature in the low 70s. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what feels most comfortable for you and your family—and what works for your budget. The reality is you may just have to program your thermostat for different temperature preferences and varied schedules to make everyone happy. Let’s take a further look at some of the factors to keep in mind when you’re setting the thermostat to keep indoor temperatures in a comfortable range.

Ideal Temperature Settings for Energy Savings

The Department of Energy conducted extensive research and determined that the best setting is at 78 degrees even during the heat of summer. When the heat index is rising because of excessive temperatures and high humidity, you may be wondering if your goal is to set the thermostat at 78 degrees to limit monthly energy costs? What you want to avoid is setting your thermostat at a colder setting than normal before you arrive back home or wake up in the morning according to this study. The house will not cool down any quicker and it can result in the AC running longer than necessary costing you even more money.

A study conducted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers showed the preferred temperature range for home occupants dressed in summer clothing is between 73 degrees and 79 degrees. You can do some testing with your family by slowly lowering the thermostat by one degree until the most comfortable thermostat setting is found.

Energy Star has published guidelines for optimal air conditioning settings. Energy Star agrees with a setting no lower than 78 degrees when you’re at home, raising the temperature to 82 degrees when asleep, and 85 degrees when you’re out of the house. Keep in mind that high indoor humidity levels can make you feel even hotter.

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