When Should You Replace Your Furnace with a Heat Pump

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Summer seems to never end in Arizona. Then October rolls around, nighttime temperatures begin to drop below 80, you wake up chilly, and your thoughts turn to heat. For some Phoenix metro residents, the old gas furnace has been doing a serviceable job of heating the house for years—in some cases, decades. Exactly because furnaces tend to operate trouble free, furnaces are hardly given a thought until something goes wrong, or their useful service lifespan has ended. Depending on when your house was built, how old your furnace is, and its type, you may want to consider making the switch from a gas furnace to an energy efficient heat pump.

Gas Furnace

Phoenix has experienced many homebuilding booms since the 1970s. Depending on when your home was constructed, you may have a gas furnace that’s well past its prime. The fact is heat pumps are very efficient and cost less to run than most gas-powered systems.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps operate through heat exchange by transferring heat from one place to another—like an air conditioner in reverse. When in heat mode, they move heat from the outdoors to the indoors which turns out to be a very efficient way to heat your home. Studies have shown that heat pumps can save homeowners up to 30 percent annually on their energy bills.
Any time a combustible fuel is involved, there’s always the chance for accidents. Heat pumps have a better safety record than gas because there’s literally no chance for gas leaks or fires. Whether you choose to go with a heat pump or stay with your gas furnace, you should have your HVAC system checked every fall to make sure it’s in safe, working condition.

Cool Blew Can Help You

The best way to evaluate what form of home heating you have and what type of replacement system is best for you is to schedule a visit with one of our service technicians. Our experts will perform a home heating assessment which can be done in conjunction with your fall service tune up. Our friendly service professionals will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision.
As the temperatures drop, your need for effective, efficient home heating will be on your mind. If you’ve got questions about heat pumps, we have answers. Give Cool Blew a call today to schedule your consultation at 623-872-2900. Your comfort is our business 24/7.