Choosing A Heat Pump? Which American Standard Series Is Right For You?

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Contemplating-Which American Standard Heat Pump Is Right for YouPurchasing a new heat pump is a big decision that requires a lot of research and insight. Understanding differences between various series and models can help you choose wisely.

Let the heating experts help you understand the differences between American Standard series heat pumps.

Which American Standard Heat Pump Is Right for You?

Below are the three different types of American Standard heat pumps, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

American Standard Platinum Series

The Platinum Series heat pump has a two-stage compressor system. When extra cooling is needed, the second stage of the compressor system turns on. The outdoor coil of this system is made of aluminum, and its steel louver is industry standard. Since the coil is made from aluminum, it’s less heavy than other models. However, this heat pump weights 470 pounds in total. This weight can make it a bit more difficult to install, but it means it’s built with more durable parts.

The American Standard Platinum Series comes in two different models: ZM and XM.

  • The ZM has a bit more energy efficiency.
  • The XM has a “seacoast shield,” which can be important if your home is near saltwater.
  • The ZM model has variable speed fan motors that come standard.
  • The ZM comes with a communication system, the flexibility of which can be beneficial if you have multiple zones or if you have various American standard equipment.

American Standard Gold Series

The American Standard Gold Series is the manufacturer’s second tier model. It compares well with similar models from other manufacturers, including in energy efficiency. Since the sound rating for this model isn’t published online, it may be noisier than others. The Standard Gold heat pump is only 29 inches tall, making it one of the shortest on the market.

The American Standard Gold Series comes in two models: Gold XI and Gold SI.

  • The Gold XI comes with a compressor sound blanket.
  • The Gold XI’s compressor is single duration, while the Gold SI’s is dual duration.
  • The Gold XI has higher energy efficiency than the Gold SI.

American Standard Silver Series

This series is American Standard’s basic heat pump. While it doesn’t boast as many benefits, it is designed for those who wish to lower their initial costs. Electronic demand defrost isn’t included with this heat pump, which can be a problem if you live in an area where you’d be operating it below 45 degrees.

Also, the auxiliary heating system, or other matched system, will turn on sooner as compared with other heat pumps that do have electronic demand defrost. This can make your system much less energy efficient when used in colder climates. However, if you live in a warm climate and wouldn’t need to heat your home as often, this series may be a good option. Additionally, the Silver Series has SEER efficiency (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 16, which is quite high for bottom tier models.

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