Why Did My Heat Stop Working?

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It’s the dead of winter and you’ve just settled in for the night when you realize your home’s temperature is rapidly dropping. You crank up the thermostat, but your heating system remains silent. Uh oh! Like most homeowners facing heating issues, your mind races through worst-case scenarios of exorbitant repair bills and weeks spent shivering in the Valley of the Sun. However, many common heat pump and furnace malfunctions stemming from minor oversights can often be resolved at little cost if caught early. Read on to learn what to watch for, what may be causing problems, and possible solutions to restore warmth in your house.

Symptoms Your Heating System Needs Attention

If your HVAC system activates but blows relatively cool air that fails to reach the set thermostat temperature, or the system turns on and off repeatedly, inspect your air filters first. Dirty filters reduce airflow, straining systems to the point of shutdown or damage. Damaged thermostats can also lead to rapid cycling and system failures to ignite or power up from automated HVAC system safety lockouts. Strange new noises, burning smells, recent very high utility electric bills, visible sparks, or icy cold rooms indicate serious issues needing professional attention from your local HVAC technicians.

What’s Causing My HVAC Headaches

Most home heating breakdowns stem from lack of maintenance, dirty air filters or blocked airflow, wiring and control issues, low refrigerant, icing condenser coils, leaky ducts, burner problems, exhausted motors, corrosion, or general wear and tear. Before calling a certified technician, ensure your heating system has power, check your air filters, and confirm nothing is blocking indoor vents or the outdoor units.

Getting Heat Restored

If checking simple items hasn’t uncovered solutions, don’t delay calling in your local pros. Expert technicians have intricate system knowledge and specialized tools to efficiently diagnose and repair problems. Cool Blew also offers emergency after-hours service for emergency situations. Ask about our service warranties protecting parts and labor as well as financing options. For very old heating systems 10 years or older, replacement may be smarter than sinking more money into ever-worsening problems.

Experiencing a Major Chill

In a chill? You’ll want to take proactive steps by looking for early warning signs of HVAC heating system issues. Knowing frequent causes like dirty air filters and scheduling maintenance checks before each heating season can help avoid many major repairs down the road. Stay toasty warm by calling your local expert technicians at Cool Blew today at 623-872-2900.