Why You Shouldn’t Tackle Do-It-Yourself HVAC Maintenance

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You enjoy being handy around the house, making common household repairs with a wrench or screwdriver. We get it! Saving yourself a great deal of money and honing your handyman skills is rewarding. However, HVAC maintenance and repairs simply shouldn’t be something to add to your list of do-it-yourself projects.

The following are just a few of the many reasons why it’s wise to only let a skilled, experienced HVAC technician maintain and repair your system:

1. HVAC Systems Need Professional Tools

HVAC systems need to be periodically serviced, repaired, and carefully calibrated with equipment and tools designed specifically for HVAC specialists. Everyday tools are not only impractical when it comes to fixing your HVAC system, they can be risky.

2. Safety Threats

HVAC systems require knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are trained to minimize the risks of working with flammable, pressurized gas, high electrical voltage and environmentally toxic combustion fumes that have the potential of causing injury or even death.

3. Decreased HVAC System Capacity

Do-it-yourself repairs and system tune ups have a high likelihood of decreasing the operating life and efficiency of your system. Without professional training, you can make mistakes with the system that could prove to be difficult to resolve in the future. And there’s always the chance that you can unknowingly turn a minor problem into something major, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

4. Voided HVAC Warranty

Replacing parts on your HVAC unit with generic parts or performing any do-it-yourself maintenance will likely result in a voided warranty. You must work with an HVAC trained and licensed professional as all repairs and maintenance usually require documentation by the HVAC manufacturer. In other words, to maintain your warranty, don’t do the job yourself.

Call Cool Blew Instead

We know that it can be appealing to attempt a DIY project like HVAC maintenance. But, stop before you start. For expert HVAC maintenance that will keep both your warranty protected and give you peace of mind, call Cool Blew instead at 623-872-2900.

A trained professional can detect HVAC issues before they cause bigger system problems. The benefits of using a trained HVAC professional will far exceed the potential damage you may incur by doing DIY servicing and cleaning of your system.