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How Is An Energy Management System Used In Heating And Cooling?

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Energy Management System For Heating And CoolingThe concept behind an energy management system is simple. The more you know about power usage patterns the better prepared you will be to make adjustments in your energy consumption habits. These adjustments can save you money, improve your energy efficiency and reduce your impact on the environment by cutting down on your use of fossil fuels. Continue reading

Do HVAC Systems Emit Greenhouse Gases?

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What You Should Know-Do HVAC Systems Emit Greenhouse GasesWhile the part they play in the overall problem is not huge, HVAC systems do release gases that contribute to global warming.

The amount emitted is generally quite small, but these gases are highly potent heat trappers, and when they reach the atmosphere they outperform carbon dioxide on a molecule-to-molecule basis by a significant margin.

Learn more about how air conditioning systems affect the ozone with greenhouses gases and how regular maintenance can help. Continue reading

How Office Temperature Affects Your Productivity

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How Office Temperature Affects Your Productivity-Cool BlewThere are many factors that contribute to worker productivity. One of the factors that is often overlooked or underestimated is the role that office temperature plays in overall employee productivity.

Many believe that working with temperatures that are comfortable can make a worker productive, however people also underestimate the difference that a few degrees can make to staff productivity. Continue reading