Cool Blew offers Air Conditioning Financing in Peoria, AZ

Cool Blew has financing arrangements with HVAC financing companies GE Capital, Wells Fargo, Synchrony Financial, Microf and RedBrick Financial Group

Are you looking to save money on your gas and electric bill? Cool Blew, Inc offers HVAC financing for the purchase of most new energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Go with GE Capital and stay comfortable year-round. With GE Capital, you will know what buying power you have before you shop. Apply online and get a response in just minutes! It’s quick, secure and easy. Get great financing with low minimum monthly payments. Take advantage of HVAC rebates and special promotions by using your account for repeat purchases.

Wells Fargo Home Projects Card

finance-WellsFargo1 Wells Fargo Financial

Phoenix HVAC Financing Convenience

Wells Fargo Home Projects Card provides simple, fast in-home, in-store or online application and credit decisions. You will have immediate access to revolving credit line. The Home Projects Card gives you the power to make home improvement purchases today instead of putting off until tomorrow your HVAC projects. This HVAC financing company has an easy-to-use online bill payment options. You may use your card for every day purchasing convenience-everywhere VISA is accepted.

In addition to HVAC financing convenience, there are other benefits to having this card. With a low monthly payment allows opportunity to pay for their projects over time. They provide competitive interest rates and no annual fees or pre-payment penalties.

You can breathe easy knowing that Wells Fargo’s is a stable, reliable HVAC Financing Services company that provides superior cardholder service.

Synchrony Financial
Synchrony Financial is offering Cool Blew customers 18 months at 9.9 APR financing. Synchrony Financial works with retailers, merchants and businesses across the country to help them offer the best credit cards and financing options. Their credit card programs offer spending flexibility and easy account management. Call Cool Blew today at (623) 872-2900 for more information about this financing program.

Microf offers a unique rent-to-own program with no credit check, affordable monthly payments and multiple payment terms and options. Their simple application process makes this program the perfect solution to your need for a new HVAC system. Call Cool Blew today at (623) 872-2900 for more information about this financing program.

Redbrick Financial
RedBrick Financial Group are home improvement financing specialists, committed to helping homeowners add value to their homes. They offer 90 days with no interest and no down payment, making it easy for you to get a new HVAC system that will make your home cool and comfortable. Call Cool Blew today at (623) 872-2900 for more information about this financing program.

Solar Rebates in Peoria, AZ

Incentives for homeowners who convert to solar power have historically been offered at the federal, state and local Arizona utilities levels. Society now understands the value of switching to clean, alternative, renewable energies. Today, utility rebates average around 10 cents per watt. Utility rebates (from electric companies APS, SRP, TEP, ED3, etc.) in Arizona are paid to homeowners when they purchase solar systems. They also affect solar lease prices, as the leasing companies take the utility rebate then pass along the savings by lowering the lease price to consumers. For solar panel purchases, you receive the 30% Federal Tax Credit, utility rebate of 10 cents per watt* (*varies by utility and is subject to change without notice), and a credit of $1,000 with the State of Arizona. Utility rebates are on a first-come, first-serve basis. They are not offered by every utility company in Arizona, and when they are offered, it’s subject to change without notice. In the years ahead, experts believe rebates for investing in solar will be even lower as utilities collectively reach their goal set by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) of 15% of their power from renewable by 2025. If you’ve been considering solar, Cool Blew, Inc recommends you not wait. Reserve a utility rebate as soon as possible to save on utility costs. Whether you decide to lease or purchase, Cool Blew, Inc will take care of the paperwork and process, and you’ll get the power… and the savings!

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