Ways to Help Escape Expensive Summer Energy Bills

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Keeping cool during Arizona’s brutal summer heat has always come at a cost. But with electricity rates rising, turning up the AC can now really hit your household budget. To help, we have a few simple tips to reduce those dreaded summer energy bills.

1. Run Your Air Conditioning Economically

Set your thermostat comfortably higher during summer months. And use a programmable thermostat to automatically increase the indoor temperature when you’re away from home which will easily reduce cooling bills by 10%. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, setting your AC thermostat to 78 degrees instead of 72 degrees can slash monthly electricity charges up to 18%. That’s a significant savings!

2. Use Ceiling Fans to Keep You Feeling Cooler

You’ll dramatically improve your comfort level by using those ceiling fans. In fact, running them can make you feel four to six degrees cooler via the wind-chill effect. Ceiling fans also allow you to raise the thermostat by as much as four degrees with little or no discomfort.

3. Close Shades, Blinds, and Drapes during Daytime Hours

The more sunlight shining through windows during the heat of the day, the more your AC unit works harder at keeping your home indoors cool. You can easily block this passive heat from entering your house by keeping shades, blinds, and drapes closed on summer days. This can save up to $135 per year for a standard-size home.

4. Clean up the Area Surrounding Your Outdoor AC Unit

The more clutter free space around your outdoor AC unit, the more efficient it will operate. By allowing plenty of room for your unit to breathe, the condenser will be better at circulating air without any obstruction or disruption.

5. Replace Air Filters to Help Your HVAC Unit Run Efficiently

Cooling and heating use the most energy in the average Arizona home—up to 50% of total home energy usage. By changing out your AC air filters on a monthly basis, you can simultaneously improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

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