What’s an AC Compressor Starter Kit?

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The air conditioning unit’s compressor is one of the vital components of your HVAC system. It works hard to keep you cool. As the system workhorse, this part uses its power to move air and keep all the other components running. Think of the AC compressor as the heart and maintaining it properly is key to having a comfortable house. Let’s look at why adding an AC compressor starter kit may potentially reduce wear and tear on the compressor.

Extra Starting Power

A compressor can be very expensive to repair or replace. They degrade over time and may have difficulty continuing to spin properly to keep your home cool. Potential failure signs can include the AC pumping out less cool air, no air at all, or the fan inside your AC unit will spin very slowly, or not at all.

Also called a hard start kit, an AC compressor starter kit essentially jump starts the AC compressor. Air conditioning systems with a starter kit generally start up 30% to 50% faster. With the compressor consuming the most energy at startup of any device or appliance in your home, it can also break down faster than other component parts. The electrical heat occurring at start up can damage electrical components over time. The AC compressor, contact points, wiring, and the AC capacitor are impacted most.

The AC compressor, on average, uses 10 times more wattage when the motor starts than when it’s running cool air throughout your house. Combined with an air conditioning unit starting up more than 7,000 to 9,000 times every year, adding an AC compressor starter kit may increase the lifespan of your HVAC.

Other Benefits

The relay and large capacitor add extra torque, making the startup phase much more efficient. Electrical efficiency can be increased as high as 98%.

Adding a hard start capacitor can eliminate light flicker in your house when the air conditioning system is turned on. By minimizing energy consumption, you’ll no longer hear clicking or stuttering noises when your AC turns on, and your compressor will no longer trip the circuit breaker.

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