An Air Conditioner Service is Not Only the Key to Comfort but the Key to Savings

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An Air Conditioner Service is Not Only the Key to Comfort but the Key to SavingsAcross the United States, air conditioner services are constantly running to keep homes comfortable. According to the Energy Information Administration, 85% of homes in the South use central air conditioning. In the Western United States, 38% of homes keep their central air systems working all summer long. Comfort, it seems, is a hot commodity that every American wants to take advantage of.

Having said that, many Americans would be surprised to know that using a heating and AC repair company is not only a great way to improve their home’s comfort year round, but can also cut their home energy costs. According to Carbon Rally, Americans spend, on average, $280 a year to cool their homes. This number naturally changes, based on the geographic location. Wherever they may live, Americans can rely on their air conditioning services to cut their energy bill in three main ways.

  • Repairs Actually Save Money

    According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, broken and malfunctioning air conditioning units of all types are a real danger to homes and the families that live within them. Naturally, seeking out home AC repair is important for that reason. However, malfunctioning AC units can also be an expensive source of wasted energy. As the ACCA writes, improperly functioning air conditioners can use as much as 50% more energy than they are meant to, adding a significant amount to homeowners’ utility bills.

  • Solar is Cheap and Renewable

    Our sun provides more energy to the Earth in one hour than all forms of manmade energy produced in one year. For this reason, many reputable HVAC services are making the push to help their clients install solar systems that can heat their home in an eco-friendly, cost-cutting way. APS solar heating solutions, for example, can effectively heat your home without running up your energy bill. In fact, according to, Americans using the average kilowatt-hour amount in their home, 11,280 kWh annually, according to the Energy Information Administration, can save as much as $845 in the first year by going solar.

    The largest solar plant in the world, located in the Mojave Desert in California, produces 90% of the world’s commercially produced solar energy. However, thanks to the fact that solar panel installation costs have dropped by 40% in the last year, homeowners can have their own systems installed, enabling affordable self-reliance.

  • Automated Thermostats

    Among the simplest ways to cut energy costs in the home, automated thermostats allow homeowners to program their heat and cooling to come on and shut off at specific times. Whereas before Americans felt they had to leave their air conditioning on all day to have the temperature they wanted when they got home from work, now they can cut costs by programming the system to turn on just before their return. A reputable air conditioner service can install this simple little device for all Americans looking to save.

Clearly, the number one reason air conditioner and heating services are used is to keep American homes properly cooled or heated. However, as can be seen, these professionals can also keep the cost of that comfort low, for both homeowners and the planet.