Can AC Installation Be Done At Any Time Of Year?

Can AC Installation Be Done At Any Time Of Year

Many people are under the impression that an AC unit can only be installed during the warm months of spring and summer. This is not the case. In fact, having your new unit installed in the colder months has a number of benefits.

If you are considering having a new AC installed this year, learn the benefits of scheduling your AC installation during the colder months.

Benefits Of Scheduling An AC Installation During Colder Months

Easier To Schedule Service

If you have ever tried to schedule a service call on the first day of summer, you know how difficult this can be as everyone is calling. Many people fail to maintain their HVAC unit and find themselves without air on one of the hottest day of the year. By scheduling your AC installation in the winter, you will miss the peak repair season.

Money Saving Options

During off-peak seasons special savings may be offered to customers. These savings may include discounts on labor as well as your new unit. You may also qualify for credits from the government. These tax credits are often higher during off-peak seasons and gradually decrease throughout the year. Don’t miss out on the maximum tax credits and discounts by waiting until spring to schedule your installation.

Easier Installation

Many people don’t consider how difficult installing an HVAC unit in the summer can be. In many cases, the majority of the work is done outside. Your technician may need to take frequent breaks during the installation in the hotter months to avoid overheating. By scheduling an installation in the cooler months, your technician will not have to worry about overheating while installing your new unit.

Whether you are replacing your old AC due to malfunction or simply want a more energy efficient model, scheduling your installation in the cooler months can save you time and money as well as making the installation job easier on your technician.

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