Do I Really Have To Change My Air Filter Often?

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Do I Really Have To Change My Air Filter Often-CoolBlewQuestions about the need for frequent air filter changes are common, and it is important to get an accurate answer. The simple response is that frequent changes are necessary, but the good news is that the job is usually easy.

The exact frequency with which a change is necessary varies a little from system to system and personal living situations. Changing your filter according to the optimal schedule will help to keep the HVAC system running efficiently, and it will help to keep pollutants out of the air.

Discover the factors that determine how often you should really change your air filter.

Factors That Determine How Often To Change Your Air Filter

The following are a few determining factors that affect how often to change your filter.

Location Of Unit

The location of the unit and the filter will affect the recommended schedule of filter changes, with the types for residences often listed at one to three months. A check of the filter at that time reveals if a change is required. Filters that are not disposable should be cleaned at this time if a full replacement is not yet necessary. Some homes have more efficiency and better air quality with monthly changes of the air filter.

Efficiency Of System

For systems designated as being higher efficiency, however, it might be possible to wait six months before changing the air filter. Checking the filter periodically will help you to be certain that a delay is acceptable. The owner’s manual for any system will be the best place with which to start estimating the best interval for changes.

Use And Environmental Conditions

Remember that environmental factors and conditions in the home can also affect how often to change your air filter. Heavier use of the HVAC system, for instance, will require more frequent air filter changes. Hot summers and colder winters that make the system work harder will cause the filter to get dirty faster. Moderate temperatures that are easier on the HVAC system will lead to less dirty air filters and longer stretches before the need for a change or cleaning. Tobacco smoke, pet hair and extensive foot traffic in the home will all accelerate the need for filter changes more often.

Unless the filter is in a difficult location, changing it is generally a simple task. If the job proves to be difficult, we at Cool Blew Inc. can help to ensure it is done properly. Follow and like us for more articles on plumbing, heating, air conditioning and energy savings.

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