Is Your Thermostat the Problem?

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When your heater is not quite getting the job done and you’re feeling an uncomfortable chill in your indoor air, it’s natural to think there’s a problem with your furnace or heat pump. And, the unit could certainly be the culprit. But, it’s important to understand that a heating system is made up of a group of components that work together. And, if one is malfunctioning, it can cause a system-wide problem. Sometimes, the problem is one that often gets overlooked – the thermostat. Even minor thermostat problems can have an impact on your comfort and cause your utility bills to soar.

Poorly Placed Thermostats

If you’ve been struggling with HVAC challenges for a while, the problem may be with your thermostat’s installation. Often, we find that the device has simply been installed in the wrong part of a house. It should be located near the center of your home so that it’s accurately picking up the average temperature rather than the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Thermostats placed near direct sunlight or drafty doors or windows can pick up false readings and cause your heater to either work overtime or not at all.


One of the most common thermostat issues is miscalibration. There is a sensor in the wall unit of your thermostat that should accurately read the temperature inside your home. Even if it’s off just a couple of degrees, it can increase energy bills and affect your comfort. Indicators of this type of problem are a heating system that runs too long or not long enough. The good news is that the experts at Cool Blew can recalibrate your thermostat quickly and get you back to an accurate reading.

Connection Failure

Thermostats are connected to your heater or air handler via wires that control when the heater and the blower motor turn on and off. If these connections are lost, you’re going to experience problems. Again, this is a common problem that we’re well-versed in repairing.

Old Thermostat

Do you still have a manual thermostat that uses sliders and dials or a stripped-down digital model? If so, you’re not getting the maximum value of your heating system. Smart, programmable thermostats offer tremendously improved control and energy savings over the older models. And, they can be conveniently controlled via an app on a phone or tablet. Don’t miss out on this technological advancement that delivers tremendous benefits in your home.

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