Making Sense Of AC Repair Costs

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Making Sense Of AC Repair Costs

Air conditioning is an essential part of many American homes. The EIA estimates that 68% of homes in the U.S. have central air, and that nearly 40% of those homes in the Western U.S. use that air conditioning all year. Though the attention of many has turned to greener options for heating and cooling, air conditioners are still the most common climate control methods in the U.S.

Making Sense Of AC Repair Costs

Solar panel energy is making its way over the Atlantic, however. Germany is currently the home of the most residential solar panels in the world, and the U.S. is now offering government rebates to those who install them. Given that water heating makes up a quarter of a typical single family home’s energy bill, it is likely that solar panel use will increase.

In the meantime, however, air conditioners will remain at the forefront of climate control in the U.S. This comes along with a few inconveniences, not the least of which is the need for AC unit repair right at the cusp of summer’s sweltering heat. AC repair costs can be substantial, especially in hot, dry climates like those in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. According to Home Advisor, AC repair costs in Pheonix averaged $446 last year. Most homeowners reported that they spent between $360 and $532, no homeowners reported costs lower than $100, and some reported AC repair costs as high as $912.

When Do I Need My Air Conditioner Serviced?

You can often tell by listening to your unit. It’s time for home AC repair when you hear sounds like clunking and whistling. Though many assume that these noises are to be expected, they really shouldn’t be occurring. Another sign that you might need AC repair services comes when your unit is not cooling your home as effectively as it once was. It will always take a unit longer to cool a home on a particularly hot day, but if your AC seems unable to provide relief consistently or if its effectiveness drops, consider calling for help.

Can’t I Put It Off?

It might keep working, even if it’s cooling less effectively and making noises, but that’s not a good reason to wait on repairs. Waiting too long could cause the unit to overheat and burn out, eliminating the need for AC repair costs altogether – and substituting them with AC replacement costs, which are much higher.

How Do I Prevent AC Repair?

Periodically cleaning the air filter will help keep your unit in top shape. It’s also important to keep your system turned off when you aren’t using it. This will extend the life of your unit and reduce AC repair costs.

How Do I Choose An AC Repair Technician?

Look at online ratings and reviews first, and also do some research about the background of the company or professional. You’re looking for a competent, experienced technician who can back up his or her work with references.

Though air conditioning might not be around for too long, it’s important to care for your system in the meantime. Be aware of when your system needs help and address the problem early for best results.