Optimize Your Air Conditioner for the Summer

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As desert residents, we all know the value of having a fully functioning air conditioner in the summer. You only need to step outside and feel the rising temperatures to be reminded of just how relentless our climate can be. So, it certainly provides peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner is ready to go when June arrives.

April Is Primetime for Air Conditioner Preparation

This month, temperatures are warm but still comfortable. It’s not only the perfect time to dig out those t-shirts, sandals and shorts, it’s also when you should be scheduling a spring tune-up of your air conditioner. Yes, there’s more to air conditioner maintenance than changing out your filter.

At Cool Blew, we recommend a complete inspection and evaluation of your HVAC system. Air conditioners are complex with many electrical, mechanical and moving parts that need to be checked and fine-tuned to ensure efficiency.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

If your home still has an older, manual thermostat, spring is also a good time to consider replacing it with a smart, programmable thermostat that learns your routine and regulates settings according to your habits. With this heightened level of control, the thermostat will not only pay for itself, it will save you considerably over the coming months and years.

Avoid Summer System Failures

Small HVAC malfunctions now can be very disruptive in the middle of the summer. If you haven’t had your system tuned up recently or if you’ve noticed a loss of efficiency, unusual sounds or other potential problems, don’t hesitate to call Cool Blew. We’re here for all your HVAC needs and can ensure that you’re ready to go for when hot weather hits the valley.

Coronavirus – Safety Precautions

Cool Blew remains available for all your air conditioning needs throughout the Coronavirus crisis. In addition, we’re thoroughly focused on ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees. Call us today to schedule a spring tune-up or service at 623-872-2900.