Signs Your HVAC Compressor is Failing

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A primary component of your HVAC system, which helps keep your home comfy throughout the year, is the compressor. Think of it as the beating heart of both heat pumps and air conditioners. When the compressor goes bad in a heat pump or AC system, it can derail the entire system from operating properly. In other words, it’s a good idea to know the signs of a failing compressor.

Ticking or Chattering

Before the core of your HVAC system fails, it can make an unusual ticking or chattering noise during startup. This noise occurs because the compressor is running into difficulties starting. Don’t ignore this sound. The ticking can be from a defective relay switch. This is when you want to seek out professional guidance from your local trained technicians.

Rattling or Rumbling

Hearing an unmistakably loud rattling or rumbling noise when the compressor is running? There may be a loose distributor motor, or a component inside the compressor housing may be thrashing about. When you hear either of these sounds, turn off your HVAC system entirely and reach out to your HVAC service technicians to resolve the issue to prevent further damage.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Depending on the time of the year, if your home’s interior is freezing cold or stifling hot, it may mean your compressor has already failed. If you’ve tried turning up or turning down the thermostat, and the compressor doesn’t kick in, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call for service, instead.

Tripping Repeatedly

Definite warning signs of compressor trouble are when the HVAC system keeps tripping the electrical circuit breaker or the circuit breaker in the box has failed to turn on after being flipped. The reason this may be happening is from the compressor overheating and trying to use too much electricity. Don’t continually reset the circuit switch as it may cause a latent fire hazard. Hot electrical equipment is never a good sign. It’s also not a time for DIY.

Call Cool Blew

When a compressor fails, you’ll need professional repairs. Call your HVAC technicians at Cool Blew any time of the day or night for help. Call us today at 623-872-2900 for your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical servicing issues.