Stay Safe This Summer with Cool Blew

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With the heat high and summer monsoon storms now here, here’s how you can mitigate the risk of electrical and fire hazards.

Electrical Hazards

Many of us take our home’s electricity for granted. Electrical shocks from your home’s power sources can cause skin burns, loss of consciousness, and more. So, prevention is definitely the best strategy when it comes to electrical safety.

  • Never handle anything electrical with wet hands or while standing in water.
  • Avoid talking on landline phones, using electric appliances or taking a bath during a lightning storm. The electrical current can be carried through water pipes or landline wires.
  • Don’t use appliances such as a hair dryer near a sink or bathtub filled with water. You could be electrocuted if the appliance falls in and you’re holding on to it.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker before attempting to repair anything electrical inside or outside your house, to avoid an electrical shock.
  • Never run extension cords or surge protector cords under a throw rug or beneath the carpet. People walking on top of the cords can cause frayed and broken wires, potentially causing electrical shocks and fires.

Fire Hazards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) research shows four out of five fire-related deaths occur in the home. Most causes of fire related deaths are due to smoke inhalation and the lack of oxygen. Here’s what you can do to prevent fire in your home.

  • Never use fireworks near your house.
  • Don’t use a higher watt lightbulb than a lamp manufacturer suggests.
  • Never overload circuits by putting too many plugs in an outlet.
  • When using small appliances and lamps, avoid any dangling extension cords.
  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries annually.
  • Don’t throw water on a grease fire in your kitchen.
  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand.
  • Keep candles at least 12 inches away from curtains or anything else that can burn.
  • Clean your dryer lint filter after every use and check the dryer air exhaust vent to make certain it’s not restricted.

Celebrate the summer safely and enjoy it with your family, friends, and neighbors! If for any reason your home is experiencing an electrical, plumbing or HVAC issue, call the experts at Cool Blew today at 623-872-2900.