5 Valuable Benefits Of Owning A Home Water Softener

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5 Valuable Benefits of a Home Water Softener

In Phoenix, plumbers often recommend water softeners to their customers for a variety of reasons. Arizona water is rich in magnesium and calcium that can cause a lot of problems for homeowners and their plumbing systems.

5 Benefits Of A Home Water Softener

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of home water softeners:

#1 – Better Tasting Water

The minerals in our local Phoenix metro area water can make it taste less than ideal. A water softener can dramatically improve the taste of tap water. And, a fluoride dispenser can even be added to provide dental protection for you and your family, too!

#2 – Eliminates Bathtub And Shower Scum

When it comes in contact with soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving cream, hard water can create unwanted scum that can cover sinks, showers, and tubs. Yuck! Softened water doesn’t have this reaction which can reduce your bathroom cleaning time significantly and eliminate your need to use expensive, and toxic cleaners.

#3 – Softer, Healthier Skin And Hair

One of the biggest complaints Arizonians have about the water is the way it makes their skin and hair feel. Hard water can leave your hair dry and frizzy, and make your skin feel tight and itchy. No amount of conditioner and body lotion is going to eliminate the residue causing the problem. A home water softener can instantly improve how your hair and skin feels.

#4 – Cleaner Clothes

Hard water is very hard on clothing. It can make jeans fade quickly and leave your whites and brights looking dull and dingy. It’s also hard on your washing machine. Soft water is always better for your laundry.

#5 – Cleaner Kitchen Appliances And Utilities

If you see spots on your glasses, dishes, and flatware, it’s due to hard water. It can also leave deposits that cake on your tea kettle, icemaker dispenser, and dishwasher. If you don’t stay on top of the build- up, your kitchen items can become discolored and even crusty.

As your Peoria and Surprise plumbing experts, we highly recommend water softeners to combat the problems associated with hard Arizona water. An investment in a new system can save you thousands by eliminating the need for bottled water, appliance replacements, cleaners, and new clothing. You, your clothing, and your home will all look better with soft water. Don’t delay in calling Cool Blew today. We can provide you with the latest information on water softeners and can give you a detailed quote.