Keeping Cool and Safe during an Active Monsoon Season

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Beating the heat during monsoon season in the Valley of the Sun is a continual effort. The predictive map published by the Climate Prediction Center, a branch of the National Weather Service, correctly showed higher than normal probabilities for above-normal rainfall in the desert Southwest this year with 2022 being the third consecutive La Nina year. Lower surface water temperatures near the equator in the Pacific Ocean have contributed to a summer of excessive heat followed by punishing rains and flash flooding in the Southwest. Interestingly this summer, drought conditions have dramatically improved in most areas of Arizona, which goes against the typical La Nina weather woes thanks to our good monsoon season. What does this all mean for you to keep cool and safe the rest of this sizzling summer?

Batten Down the Hatches

To best help prevent damage to your home during a storm and potentially knocking out your outdoor AC unit, safely secure or put away outdoor furniture, pool items, and pool umbrellas. Gusty winds driven by monsoon thunderstorms can pick up items of any size, weight, and shape slamming them into your sliding glass doors, windows, BBQ grill, and possibly your AC equipment. If the items can’t be moved, secure them with tarps, ropes, and tie-downs.

Pool Water Away from Your House

Monsoon downpours can clog your home’s drainage system. Clean out gutters and water downspouts to provide rainwater a clear path to storm drains and monsoon culverts. Pooling water in your backyard after storms means you need to call a local landscaping business or utilize your landscapers to provide an improved drainage solution.

Weatherize Doors and Windows

Weather stripping doors and windows keeps precious AC-cooled air inside your home. You’ll save money on utility bills and keep out monsoon rains and windstorms.

Trim Trees

High winds and microbursts can quickly snap tree branches and even bring down trees of all sizes on top of your home. It’s never too late to trim or remove drought weakened branches, broken tree limbs, or split tree trunks.

Cool Blew is On Call for Emergency AC Services

Even following these monsoon thunderstorm safety tips may not completely keep your AC unit in the clear. If a monsoon thunderstorm has damaged your air conditioner, call your local expert technicians at Cool Blew 24/7 at 623-872-2900 to schedule your appointment. Don’t fear the monsoon, we have your AC unit covered.