What Rebates And Incentives Are Available For Solar Energy?

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Rebates And Incentives Available For Solar Energy-CoolBlew.comIn order to encourage people to switch to solar energy from conventional energy sources, the government offers solar energy incentives and rebates.

Learn the different rebates and incentives that are available for solar energy now and see how Cool Blew Inc.’s Phoenix AZ solar equipment installation and services can help you both save money and live cleaner!

Rebates And Incentives Available For Solar Energy

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

This federal tax credit is for residential solar-electric systems including solar water heating and fuel cells as well as geothermal heat pumps.

For solar-electric, solar water-heating property and geothermal heat pumps, there is no maximum credit for units placed in service after the year 2008. Fuel cell property has a maximum credit of $500 per half kW. All of the theses systems except for geothermal heat pumps must be placed in service between 2006 – 2016. For geothermal heat pumps, the dates are 2008 – 2016.

Those applicable are entitled to receiving 30% tax credit on their solar systems. Learn more about the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit here.

SRP Solar Electric Program

This program offers incentives to both their commercial and residential customers to purchase solar water-heating systems or PV.

The incentive solar water-heating units that are residential is $0.30 per kWh of estimated yearly energy savings. Check to make sure you are within the allotted time-frame

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Phoenix AZ Solar Energy Installation And Services

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